UST AST Compliance Inspections

MVI Field Services offers inspections of both underground and above ground storage tanks as required by local and federal laws. MVI can customize inspection plans as needed, and all data is stored electronically and accessible to the client in real time.  MVI currently employs 51 Compliance Inspectors across 47 states, with the capacity to expand to others states to meet client needs.  


UST Monthly and Annual Compliance Inspections:

  • Spill Prevention Detection
  • Sump Inspection
  • Cathodic Protection Equipment
  • Skimmer Detection
  • Release Detection


AST Monthly and Annual Compliance Inspections:

  • Condition of Containment Structure
  • Inspection of Dispenser Pans and Spill Containers
  • Vent Inspection
  • Inspection of Insulation


MVI Inspection Advantages:

  • MVI has conducted over 400,000 inspections since 2009
  • Ability to customize inspection programs for clients
  • Use of proprietary software for electronic storage of inspection data and reporting
  • All MVI inspectors are A/B certified, the majority, in multiple states
  • Mobile team of inspectors and regional managers which allows for flexibility
  • Inspectors and managers work with "state-of-the-art" communication devices and handheld tablets to execute inspections and record data